MADE – ARBRES À BULLES was born in 2009 from the assumed desire to offer companies, associations and communities more sustainable communication media, in accordance with my ethical aspirations for a better balance between People and Nature.
Since its creation, Arbre à Bulles Pro – Sustainable communication media objects has therefore offered the strictest and constantly evolving selection of corporate gifts and superior quality communication objects, manufactured in an eco-design and responsible production approach, while remaining in ranges and prices adapted to the greatest number.

Each object selected is the one that is currently the most virtuous on the market, i.e.:

  • the best designed with the minimum impact on raw materials, energy and transport costs, in compliance with the most recognized international environmental standards;
  • most useful on a daily basis to each of its beneficiaries;
  • the most durable over time and the most easily either recyclable or reusable, to create as little devalued waste as possible.

We also master the marking in the customer’s colors using the least polluting and/or most biodegradable inks on the market.

In 2019, MADE – ARBRES À BULLES began the project to eco-design and biosource two essential products for the events market: a wristbrand and a lanyard.

For this, the challenge was to rely only on natural and renewable resources such as natural plant fiber fabric and injected wood fiber fasteners.

Everything is made in France, in artisanal conditions controlled from start to finish to ensure the least possible environmental and social impact.

It is the brand new Bubble range that I invite you to discover and use for the organization of your responsible events: a French innovation to set you apart.

To go further, we offer you a deposit system that will allow you to reuse bracelet or choker fasteners many times. Contact us about this.

The CSR approach of MADE – ARBRES À BULLES takes into account the long-term structure of the company, without the objective of economic growth in order to be able to choose its customers as well as its suppliers.

MADE – ARBRE A BULLES is thus a free, agile and independent company, where each new constraint is treated as permanent opportunities to DO BETTER and never more.

In this approach of permanent requirement, MADE – ARBRES À BULLES has made the strategic decision to invest in demonstrating its CSR actions by carrying out an assessment by the ACESIA – AFNOR Certification platform.


This evaluation allows the company to obtain external recognition of the efforts and commitments made every day with high standards for twelve years, while ensuring that it is always the most innovative to anticipate and train each stakeholder, customer, supplier, marker in this virtuous approach.

Bernard DEBARGUE, founder and manager